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Ever heard of soap brows? Yes, it’s a thing.

Brows seem to be an ever-growing and evolving trend, even in 2020. In fact, the entire eye and brow area play a more crucial role than one initially anticipates.
Just looking at the past decade, 2020 has put eyes and brows in focus more than ever before for one simple reason… masks.  Yes, those pesky masks that have become a staple in every closet.

But did you know that the brows also form part of communication – particularly our non-verbal communication? For instance, raised eyebrows are an indication of astonishment and lowered eyebrows can signal annoyance. Quite interestingly, from an Artificial intelligence perspective, eyebrows are important in facial recognition because it is a constant feature that differentiates from one person to the next. 

So how to make sure your brows look their best? 

With these relatively small features playing such a large role and with masks drawing even more attention to the eyes, your brows as a focal point require even more regard, adopting a trend that suits you.

Ever heard of soap brows?

It’s an easy to follow technique that leaves you with a fluffy, fuller-looking brow. Check out the full tutorial:

Another brow trend to look into is laminated brows
Laminated brows seem to take center stage which is typically a chemical trend that allows you to redirect the direction of your brow growth. Whichever trend you choose, UNIQ Brows has you covered with both brow trends that will suit you and stylish masks.

Book your session for laminated brows or get your hands on a Post Isolation Recovery Pack (R1 050) from UNIQ Brows which includes a Serum Pencil, Charcoal Soap, Limited Edition Mask and Mask Bag.  Available from www.uniqbrows.com. 

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