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Who said a TV can’t be pretty and functional?

Redecorating your living room? Why not add a new TV that is both functional and can be a work of art.

In our current ‘new normal’, people are spending the vast majority of their time in their homes. One of the results of this is an increased interest in interior decorating – especially when it comes to redesigning the living room; the centre of daily life in most households. And at the focal point of most living rooms is the TV, an appliance that has undoubtedly become more important during these times given its ability to deliver entertainment, information and (albeit virtually) social interaction. The TV is also inextricably linked to one’s décor, with today’s large screens often forcing design concessions while using up a good deal of space in the process.

Helping consumers achieve decorating freedom – and freeing up a considerable amount of space – wall-mountable TVs are an interior decorators’ dream. A standout example in this growing category is the LG Gallery design TV. Sporting the company’s gorgeous Gallery design, the advanced TV combines a slim-form factor that saves space and a minimalist aesthetic that fits with and elevates any decorating style. Not to mention, the first-class picture quality and state-of-the-art features LG OLED is known for.

Not just a great TV, the LG OLED GX guarantees true decorating versatility, bringing elegance and artistry to the living room and allowing homeowners to embrace their own decorating tastes without making compromises. Integrating seamlessly into any lifestyle, the LG OLED GX enables you to create the living space you want, whether you prefer minimalism or bold use of colour, traditional or contemporary style, to name just a few. Whatever you envision for your space, LG’s modern-classic TV can help bring it to life.

The TV’s understated design is perfectly at home on any wall, irrespective of texture or colour. On top of that, its slender, sophisticated form looks sublime from every angle – as do the images displayed on its stunning OLED screen, which uses self-lighting pixels to deliver sumptuous colours and incredible contrast.

One of the most obvious benefits of a wall-mounted TV is the amount of space it opens up in the room itself. Without the need for a TV cabinet, shelf or entertainment unit, you can unleash the potential of your space in whatever way you choose. The LG OLED GX saves even more room than most wall-mountable models as it doesn’t require a separate box – its slender frame cleverly housing all the necessary components with its specially-designed wall mount. The precision of its flush-to-the-wall design instantly adds value to your environment, improving flow and fitting in effortlessly with your lifestyle.

For enhanced sound, the OLED GX can be paired with the LG SN11RG 7.1.4 Channel High Res Audio Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos® soundbar; the perfect audio (and visual) companion to LG’s artistically inspired Gallery series TVs. The soundbar shares the TV’s minimalist aesthetic and can also be mounted flush to the wall to create a unified, almost sculptural effect. Alternatively, it can be set on a table or shelf desired. Either way, the elegant combo delivers an exceptional home entertainment experience with excellent sound, superb picture quality and a new level of spatial and stylistic integration.

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