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Everything you need to know about thread count. And yes, it is important

Want to buy not sheets but have no idea about thread count? Here's what you need to know.

With a new season rolling in, it might be time to invest in some new bed linen.

But how to choose?
We asked the linen experts at Linen Drawer to explain.

“Thread count – this is the term that refers to the number of ‘threads’ in a square inch of woven fabric. So, a 200- thread count fabric will have that total number of ‘threads’ in a square inch (2.2cm),” Camilla Swart of Linen Drawer explains.

A quick way of testing fabric is to hold it up to the light and observe the weave pattern.  If it looks patchy and open, know that you are dealing with a dodgy fabric.  It should be closed, look smoothly woven and not let too much light through.

Now, which thread count to choose, after arming yourself with the above knowledge?
That depends on a particular factor:

Question: Do you prefer crisp bed linen to soft silky bed linen?  
“If the answer is ‘crisp’ then I would recommend a 200 or 300 thread count percale. These fabrics are cool, smooth and comfortable and will give you many years of wonderful wear. If your answer is ‘soft, silky’ then I would recommend a 400 thread count Egyptian Cotton or a 600- thread count sateen,” Camilla explains.

Linen Drawer has a beautiful range of colours in the 400 thread count Egyptian cotton, including purest white, while the 600-thread count is slightly heavier and the most luxurious fabric.

*All Linen Drawer bed linen products are made from natural fibers that are ethically sourced. All products supplied by Linen Drawer are rigorously tested for quality, longevity, and stability. 

For more details visit www.linendrawer.co.za.

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