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Get the braai started and help save the planet

Ever heard of eco-firelighters? These ones are made using rhino dung, plus every purchase helps save the endangered rhino population.

Tomorrow in celebration of Heritage Day we we will all (hopefully) be lighting up braais all around the country.

After all, as South Africans, there will always be one real and meaningful place for family and friends to gather. Speaking of having a braai. Why not enjoy some quality time with friends and family all while doing your part in helping to save the environment. We’re of course talking about Megamaster’s Rhino Balls Eco-Firelighters. This all-natural product is long-lasting and boasts non-toxic properties. Plus, when purchasing you will be helping in the fight to save the endangered rhino. Get yours for R30 from

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Need more convinsing?

Well… these environmentally-friendly firelighters are the perfect braai partner. They’re waterproof, leave no residue, and boast a 17+ minute burning time. Made from rhino dung, the signature key ingredient, wax, and sawdust, with a pure cotton wick, they’re also biodegradable and non-toxic. So they’re suitable for both indoor and outdoor use and safe to cook over. 

For a good cause!

Megamaster has teamed up with Rockwood Conservation, who is saving the rhino with an approach they call aggressive conservation. Set against the backdrop of the vast expanse of the Northern Cape veld, Rockwood is a rare haven for over 300 Southern white rhinos. As a highly secure place of hope and survival, they boast state-of-the-art security and 24-hour monitoring, including a battalion of highly-trained mounted rangers to ensure a maximum security environment for the rhino population to expand.

It is from here that the rhino dung is collected and used to make Megamaster’s Rhino Balls Eco-Firelighters. In turn, a percentage goes back to Rockwood, so you’ll save more rhinos with every ball you buy.

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