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We're obsessed with unique home décor and it doesn't get prettier than actuallyashleigh's unique ceramic products.
When it comes to home décor items, we tend to be a bit picky.
We want something unique, one-of-a-kind. Something functional that will add character to our home and maybe even have our friends and family gushing… just a little bit.
actuallyashleigh is everything we want and more.
The ceramics brand unofficially came to life about five years ago when Ashley Weaver from Rietondale, Pretoria started selling her unique ceramics pieces to friends and family.
As Ashleigh explains it on her website. “actuallyashleigh is small batches of bespoke ceramics, handmade in South Africa. It’s contemporary designs for a modern home and each piece is a one-off.”
Ashleigh’s main aim is to provide functional pieces for the modern home.  “Each item is a one-off, so I would like customers to feel that what they’re purchasing is of high quality, and also quite exclusive,” she explains.
So what exactly does she sell?
Serving bowls, pitchers, jugs, flower pots, butter dishes, jars, salad bowls, stem vases, ring dishes, trinket boxes, soap dishes, round platters and more. “Sometimes I sell lots of ring dishes, other times there is a huge interest in pot plant holders.  Overall though, I would say the most popular items are the jugs and vases,” Ashleigh says.
All the ceramics are made in Cape Town, whereafter Ashleigh do all her transfers and printing locally. She cuts out and applies all her designs by hand before they are fired to be permanent.
Oh, and did we mention that Ashleigh’s products were noticed by the one and only Nataniël and will be featured on his brand new cooking show ‘Toegang‘ airing on 5 October on kykNET. Yes, it’s that fabulous!
She also does custom products on special request. “Often people want a set of items in a specific design.  I recently did a lovely commission of kitchen ware with blue jasmine designs and hand-painted a message on the bottom of each piece.  Something like that is very special,” Ashleigh adds.
So we had to ask. Where does the name come from?
“It was a childhood nickname, and I have a love of tonguetwisters!” Ashleigh laughs.
According to the talented local business owner, she’s always been doodling in the margins, drawing Tipex patterns on schoolbags, and turning spills into funny characters on paper tablecloths at restaurants.  “Being able to apply designs to a functional product was a lightbulb moment, and that’s how ‘actuallyashleigh‘ came about,” she explains.
Love what you see? Then head on over to www.actuallyashleigh.co.za and start shopping. You can also see Ashleigh’s products at the The Linden Market Pop-up (7 Mackay ave, Blairgowrie, Randburg) on Saturday 26 September and at the Pretoria Products Spring Market (Mooikrans Venue and Garden) on Sunday 27 September.
You can also get in touch with Ashleigh on email at ashleighcomins@gmail.com or follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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