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Thrifting is all the rage, especially when it comes to kids clothing. NUMA is a brand new second-hand kids clothing store and we're obsessed! PS. You can even sell your own clothes through them ... read on for more.
  1. Over the last couple of years, the thrifting (second-hand) clothing industry has seen a substantial boom and it’s only fitting that you can also shop for good quality second-hand (or pre-loved – it sounds so cute!) kids’ clothing.
  2. Covid-19 and the subsequential effects thereof have left many South African shoppers looking for better and more affordable buys. That’s where NUMA comes in.
  3. “The name NUMA comes from a phonetic spelling of the Greek word πνευμα (pneuma), meaning ‘wind’, ‘spirit’, or ‘breath’. I believe it is possible to breathe new life into secondhand clothes,” explains the owner and founder of NUMA, Anél Wasserfall.
  4. As a middle-class mother of one, she’s always dreamed of dressing her own little one in beautiful designer, handmade and locally sourced
  5. clothing.
  6. “When my baby made his way earth-side I quickly realized that my dream will always remain a dream. Kids go through outfits so fast and unfortunately grow too quickly. I have always been very environmentally conscious and buying expensive branded items for my child is not very eco-conscious. However, I believe that parents should still be able to afford quality clothing without spending a fortune or further damaging the planet. And so NUMA was born,” Anél adds.

The online shop first opened for business on 28 August and as Anél explains: “The business was started to make a difference. This is what NUMA is doing – making a massive impact on people’s lives, budgets, and the way we take care of the earth”.

Still not sure about buying pre-loved clothing?
Here are a few benefits:
– Decreases waste in landfills
– Lowers carbon footprint
– Reduces chemical pollution
– Saves money. Did you know you can save up to 60% when buying pre-
loved kids clothing at NUMA.
– Aids in water preservation

Anél loads new stock on the site every week, so if you want to shop ’till you drop, you’ll better head on over to the site, now!

NUMA stocks local and international brands to the likes of Cotton On, H&M, Pick ‘n Pay, Earthchild, Clicks Baby, Just Chillin, Edgars, Ackermans, Woolworths, Naartjie, Zara Kids, and Mr Price.

Want to sell your own kids’ clothing through NUMA? No problem. And you don’t have to wait for your clothing to sell to get paid – Anél pays upfront.

Clothing requirements:
– All children’s clothing from newborn to 10 years
– Freshly-cleaned and odor-free clothes in new or like-new condition
– On-trend clothing
– NUMA buy bundles of a minimum of 10 items matching their selection

How payment works:
Once the clothing (delivered to them) is assessed, you will receive a quote.
You can then choose between an EFT or cash payout.

Please do not send:
– Homemade clothing
– Clothing that shows signs of excessive wear with tears, stains, holes,
pilling, fading, missing buttons, broken zips or damaged seams.
– Dirty clothing and clothes with pet hair on them.
– Used socks, bibs, underwear, toys, bathwear.
– Clothes without a size label

No need to worry if your clothing does not fit the above criteria. NUMA is an honorary member of Rock of Hope Safe House and all unused items can be donated to them.

To start shopping, head on over to You can also follow NUMA on Facebook and Instagram. Happy shopping!

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