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Turn your home into the ultimate workspace or classroom – easy as pie!

With many of us still working from home and the kids at home until mid February. Why not elevate your home to the ultimate office and classroom environment. Yup, it can be done.

We made it to 2021 – and most of us are still intact. Sort of, anyway…

It’s back to work (even from home) and the kids will soon be going back to school. For now, however, we all have to settle in at home – be it in the home office or classroom.

For the forseeable future it seems plans will remain uncertain and the need to avoid congested spaces by simply working and learning from home will remain a staple for many.

So, why not make the best of the work-from-home or learn-from-home model, and make sure you have what you need to stay productive?

Here are four tips to help make the most of your remote work set up – be it for you or the kids:

  1. Make sure you have stable internet connectivity

When it comes to remote working and learning, the entire system relies on you having a stable and reliable internet connection. To access meetings, applications, important documents, and any other elements essential to performing your job, you need to be able to connect to cloud platforms and servers.

The same applies to the online classroom – learning resources are available online, which means that your child needs to be able to access all the necessary documents during their school day. If more than one person in your household needs to connect to their respective organisation daily, your connection needs to be strong enough to allow multiple connections, so make sure that your ISP gives you the bandwidth to do exactly that. If you’ve been struggling with lag or fuzzy video calls, now’s the time to upgrade!

  1. Invest in an ergonomic chair

Research has found that most people spend almost eight hours a day in front of their computer. Sitting for hours on end can take its toll on your back and neck, leading to tight, stiff muscles and even spasms. To reduce the risk of this, a good office chair is essential. When you’re looking for a chair, find something that’s able to provide sufficient support and stays comfortable no matter how long you’re working. Don’t be afraid to test the chair before buying it, and do your research before committing.

  1. Choose your equipment wisely

Your computer is your greatest asset – together with all the equipment that goes with it. You need a machine that’s able to multitask the same way you do, which means a powerful processor, the memory to support it, and a monitor that can help you keep track of everything you have going on.

Investing in a monitor big enough to take on your world may seem daunting, but the folks at LG have created the ultimate work-from-home companion. With 33% more screen space, the LG 21:9 UltraWide™ offers Full HD resolution, making it easier to browse through multiple documents and compare notes at the same time. With a second screen you’re able to see more of your meeting attendees in vibrant colour, keep an eye on various apps, and feel more in control of your daily tasks.

The ultra wide monitor also enables you to work with reports at a glance with datasheets and slides side by side without repeating Alt-tab

In addition to this, the Flicker Safe feature reduces invisible flickering on the screen and provides a more comfortable working environment for your eyes.

Reader Mode further helps reduce the strain placed on your eyes when looking at a computer for an extended period of time by creating a screen with a color temperature similar to that of paper.

  1. Take breaks

While it can become a habit, staying glued to your screen all day without taking a break is not healthy. Of course, deadlines will play a role in this, but wherever possible, try to schedule breaks throughout your day to give you some time to catch your breath, regroup, and refocus. Research has found that regular breaks improve productivity significantly.

As the adage goes, “a bad workman blames his tools”, and if that’s the case, then surely the right tools will help drive your success? Make 2021 your year by investing in the right tools and prepare to excel.

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