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Coffee, coffee and more coffee. We’re swooning over Starbucks’ 50th Anniversary Blend

A coffee tasting can be both educational and fun. Plus, it's super easy and delicious.

We’d give up a lot of things, but our daily dose of caffeine is most definitely not it. Speaking about coffee – have you seen Starbucks’ brand new 50th anniversary blend? It’s gorgeous and super delish!

This year’s Anniversary Blend is a full-bodied, bold coffee with an intense taste. It’s sourced from Indonesia and boasts herbal characteristics, layers of spice notes and a smooth earthy finish.

Congratulations Starbucks, we love the 50th Anniversary Blend. You can get your hands on a bag from your nearest Starbucks store, while stocks lasts.

Want to do your own coffee tasting? It’s great fun and you can even pair the different brews with different sweet or savory treats. Tip: For a good pairing, the coffee taste should linger.
* Although it is great to try different coffees, you might also want to try to brew the same coffee using different ways like: French Press, Pour Over, etc.

Host your own coffee tasting:

  1. Smell
    Cover the top of the cup with your hand, only allowing for a small opening to get the full flavour of the coffee.
  2. Acidity test
    Slurp a little (yes, you are allowed to slurp) to test the acidity levels of the coffee.
  3. Locate the body
    Take a sip to determine if the coffee has a medium, full, intense or smooth body.
  4. Sample the flavours
    Lastly, it’s important to locate the flavours – what do you taste? I.e. the 50th Anniversary Blend has a earthy – dark chocolate flavour.

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