Proudly South-African on an international level. Cindy-Louise is taking the music industry by storm

She might be Netherland-based but South-African's own Cindy-Louise is as proudly South-African as it gets. If you haven't listened to her music yet, you are in for a treat- you'll definitely want to play her songs as loudly as you can.

Originally studying opera and jazz, South-African singer and songwriter Cindy-Louise moved to the Netherlands after university with the hopes of continuing her studies in the art of opera. Instead, she found herself dabbling with styles, genres, emotions, and vocal techniques, ultimately embracing Indie Rock. 

Despite not being able to pursue her intended musical path, Cindy-Louise was not discouraged. She started creating her own music and, with the aim of releasing an album, she reached out to Clinton Nicholas Watts and Andre Remesses Scheepers to help her realise her dream.

The songstress recently released her first and second singles and their music videos for her songs Make It Out Here Alive and Loving Me In Every Way, from her debut album, Humanity. Cindy-Louise’s soulful voice will steal your heart and she can definitely belt it out with the best of them.

The song, Make It Out Here Alive, tells the story of feeling like you don’t belong; a tale cleverly told through the eyes of a high school student who is constantly bullied and looking to get away from it all.

And although the theme is universal, the song is very personal, says Cindy-Louise. She was inspired to pen the Indie Rock track after thinking about her own school journey.

“Life is about finding out who you are, but it’s hard to accept yourself when your peers don’t support or understand you. Although the emotional wounds may heal, the scars will always be there. This single is my message to the world to show that life is full of good and bad memories – it is what makes each of us who we are. Sometimes, showing our weakness is the strongest thing we can do,” the singer explains.

Watch the video here:

The inspiration behind her debut album, she explains, was to put all her feelings into one playlist and to portray what she was feeling through her songs. “I use music to speak my truth, and with this album I want to let people know that they are not alone. The title, specifically, was inspired by my desire for people to find their humanity within my music, to really relate to and discover the true meaning of the word.”

Cindy-Louise wrote about fifteen songs for the album, from which about ten were finally selected.

She’s since also released her second single from the album, Loving Me In Every Way.

Watch the video here:  

She says that she draws inspiration from everything around her and, having found her voice, she often addresses social and/or emotional issues through her music with the aim of creating awareness.

While her future plans are not set in stone – she plans to continue experimenting with and releasing new music and is curious to learn what her voice is capable of – one thing is certain: this versatile singer-songwriter with her unique sound is taking the local industry by storm!

For more about Cindy-Louise follow her on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Youtube or visit her website at www.cindy-louise.com.

*Images courtesy of Ofir Abe.

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