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Water from the sky. Yes, really!

Have you ever heard of water being extracted from the sky? Yes, it's a thing and you can get your hands on bottles of water for yourself. Plus, we just love that Aquasky has an eco-friendly range?

Hydration is key, even during the colder winter months. How many glasses of water have you had today?

Tsk, tsk, tsk…

Speaking about water, have heard about Aquasky? It’s a bottled water brand that extracts water from the clear blue sky and then bottles it. Yes, you read that right. From the clear sky!

And they do this by using atmospheric water generating machines that cool and condense the air to extract the moisture. 

“Everyone is looking to add value and make the experience of consuming water exciting. Whether it’s unique flavours or pairing certain types of regional flavoured waters with different dishes. Just as there are wine sommeliers, we now have dedicated water sommeliers – sommeliers who study the flavours of water based on the region it is from and how to pair with food. The bar has been lifted,” the brain behind Aquasky, Brendan Williamson says.

Intrigued? You can choose between the Eco, the Glass and the PET ranges.

The Eco Range is bottled in 100% compostable plant-based (made from sugar cane) bottles and is available in 500ml Still.

The Glass Range is available in 250ml, 440ml and 750ml Still and Sparkling variants.

The PET Range is available in 500ml and 1.5lt Still and Sparkling variants.

To find out more about Aquasky and the product range, or to order, visit

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