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Gin to warm you up and put a spring back in your step. It’s so beautiful!

If you love gin half as much as we do, you'll fall in love with Flowstone Gin. Apart from the taste it is absolutely gorgeous!

When Flowstone Gin’s founders – mother-and-son duo Mark and Glyn French – developed their acclaimed and award-winning gins, they roped in the help of their neighbour, award-winning botanical artist Jenny Hyde-Johnson. Jenny has a passion for all things botanical and designed the gorgeous artwork on the Flowstone Gin labels.

“In addition to being our neighbour and close family friend, Jenny is a world-renowned botanical artist. Not only did she do our label artwork, but she was also the botanical expert that helped us identify the flavours that would eventually become Flowstones’ gins,” adds Mark.

Jenny’s artwork effectively tells the stories around the use of the botanicals featured in the gins. For the process of creating the label artwork for the bottle label, “I combined the relevant blooms, berries, and fruits pertinent to each flavour in the centre of the label, and then filled the lesser areas of the painting with the typical ingredients unique to all gins. These ingredients include angelica, citrus (lemon, orange) cardamom pods, star anise etc,” she says.

Her favourite Flowstone gin? “The Flowstone Bushwillow is my absolute favourite followed by Snuffbox with a cinchona mixer. Flowstone gins have such unique flavours I do not like to add too much. Toasted cashews and a slice of horned cucumber when in season are superb and pomegranates add lovely colour.”

The Flowstone range of gin is available online as well as Makro and Takealot. Choose between the Wild Cucumber (green fresh and wonderfully flavoured), Marula (soft and silky, with a hint of Marula tang), Bushwillow (robust, woody, earthy and nutty). Get your favourite Flowstone gin for R385. *Price subject to change.

*Jenny’s body of work has been exhibited locally and abroad and is on display at The Royal Botanical, Kew Gardens in the United Kingdom. Jenny was also published in Modern Botanical Masterpieces and named ‘best in show’ at the 2016 Planet Exhibition in Kirstenbosch, Cape Town.

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