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Gear up for winter the easy and somewhat unexpected way

Winter chills and airborne illnesses getting you down? Don't fear! LG Artcool is near.

The mornings are getting colder and the evenings darker. Winter isn’t coming – it’s here! But with the LG Artcool air conditioner, you can let this unwelcome guest stay outside. Considering that we’re still amid a pandemic, avoiding colds and flu can also save you from some concerned looks or precautionary self-isolation.

With fast heating and LG’s Ionizer Air Purification, proven to sterilise over 99% of adhering bacteria within 60 minutes, the Artcool helps you keep the air in your home clean and cosy despite the wintery weather.

Here are a few more benefits:

Save 60% on your electricity bill
Maintaining a comfortable climate in your home during winter usually comes with the trade-off of an exorbitant electricity bill. But with the advent of Dual Inverter Compressor technology now on the market, LG’s Artcool air conditioning units are a lot more energy-efficient, providing up to 60% energy savings on electricity bills while heating or cooling 30% faster. With Active Energy Control, you can also adjust energy consumption to fit your requirements.

As opposed to regular compressors, an Inverter Compressor runs more consistently which means that it uses significantly less energy and operates at a pleasant quiet hum. LG’s Artcool units also last a lot longer because of this, which is why the compressors come with a 10-year warranty.

Walk into a warmer home
Everyday appliances are not only getting smarter but also more connected. Not many people are aware of the fact that modern air conditioning units come with Wi-Fi capabilities. Using the SmartThinQ App with certain LG devices, such as the LG Artcool A13RJH, you have precision control of the climate at your fingertips. You can also turn on your air conditioning remotely on your phone when you’re on your way back home, ensuring that you arrive to a welcome climate. The app is integrated with Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, which makes accessibility easy and hands-free.

Cleaner and cosier air
Using multiple heating solutions just to keep your fingers and toes from freezing off can not only cost a lot of money but also result in dry air, unpleasant gas smells, or a closed-off environment recirculating airborne viruses and bacteria. Modern air conditioning units like the LG Artcool range can solve all of these problems. 

The LG Artcool‘s timeless mirror glass design reflects the surrounding environment to complement any interior aesthetics. So, why endure another cold and dreary day? Get a modern air conditioning solution that makes your life as comfortable as you want it to be.

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