A parasiticide to protect your kitties

No one wants to lose their beloved cat to a tick-borne disease. So why not invest in a 6-in1 parasiticide suitable fro both cats and kittens.

Every cat, regardless of lifestyle, needs year-round protection against hookworm and roundworm, flea control, and tick control. This doesn’t only protect our feline companions, but family members against potential zoonotic diseases as well, which are diseases that can move from animals to humans.

“Cats are susceptible to any number of serious illnesses,” says Llewelyn Sinclair, ‎Business Unit Manager: Companion Animals and Equine, at Zoetis South Africa. “They’re at risk for acquiring intestinal parasites, such as roundworms and tapeworms, regardless of lifestyle. In this case, prevention is indeed the best cure.”

Preventative solutions prolong lifespans

Modern veterinary practices are not only important when pets fall ill. “Vets play an incredibly important role for their clients,” says Sinclair. “They are GP, pharmacy, and health store rolled into one for pets. This means that as vital as a vet is when a pet falls ill, preventative care, which includes parasite control and diagnostic testing, is becoming more and more important as four-legged companions are increasingly treated as family members who spend a large amount of time in the presence.

Protecting the human/pet bond

Innovative companies such as global animal health company Zoetis, are constantly revolutionizing the animal healthcare space, ensuring that vets are able to offer their clients (and their feline companions) the best treatments and preventative products on the market.

Zoetis has a newly launched Revolution Plus, a next generation 6-in-1 parasiticide for cats and kittens that combines the proven broad-spectrum protection of Selamectin with the advanced flea- and tick-killing power of Sarolaner,” says Sinclair.

“With this unique product, veterinarians can now provide higher-quality care with one monthly topical dose, giving pet owners peace of mind, while protecting cats and kittens from a wide range of external and internal pests.”

About Zoetis:

A leading multi-national animal health company, Zoetis builds on more than 65 years of experience in animal health to research, develop, manufacture and commercialise medicines, vaccines and diagnostic products. Zoetis understands the deep connection between people and their pet and provides veterinarians with the resources needed to provide the highest quality of care and support, help improve the quality and extend the life of cats, dogs and horses and make it easier for owners to contribute towards the health and wellness of their companion animals. Zoetis produces vaccines, anti-infectives, parasiticides, dermatology products, animal health diagnostic and other pharmaceuticals.

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