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Tips to make the most of laundry day

Doing the laundry is probably one of the least favourite chores in any household. We’re looking at ways to make laundry day a whole lot easier to handle.

Sigh! Unfortunately, the world is yet to automate a device to help fold and pack away clean laundry. But, there are a few laundry hacks we can share with you.

Get on top of stains
When it comes to stains, the most important thing to remember is to deal with them ASAP. Don’t leave them languishing in the laundry bin. If you’re fast, you’ll find that most stains can be easily removed using household items that won’t break the bank, but you may need to tackle different stains using different methods.

  1. Know your machine settings
    To look after and preserve your clothes, you need to know which machine settings work best for different items of clothing. This can be tricky, which is why the LG Vivace Washing Machine is the ultimate laundry day partner. Not only can it sense the fabrics in the load, but it also senses the weight of the load using AI DD™ and selects the washing patterns that work best for each load.
  1. Harness the power of improved hygiene
    Of course, your washing machine is supposed to clean your clothes, but how clean are they really? You need a very hot cycle for sanitising bedding, clothing, and towels, especially when a loved one has been sick. Taking this even further, the LG Vivace Washing Machine uses LG Steam™ technology which enables it to eliminate 99.9% of allergens that can cause allergy or respiratory issues.
LG Vivace Washing Machine
  1. Air dry versus tumble dry
    Most washing machines end the load on a spin cycle which removes most of the water, but this doesn’t dry your clothes entirely. A more efficient spin cycle will cut your drying time overall. When choosing the best way to complete the drying process, think about what you need most. If you’re pressed for time or the weather isn’t ideal, the tumble dryer is your best bet. Hanging your clothes out to dry is an eco-friendly option if you’ve got time to spare. Adjust your drying method based on what your clothes need and your preferences.

When in doubt, keep it simple. Washing your clothes doesn’t need to be a time-consuming, overly complicated chore, especially if you have the right washing machine by your side.

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