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Arm your alarm – even if you are at home

Although it is not something we want to hear, criminals are becoming more brazen and active during the day. Check out these security tips.

It’s still a few more days until the kids go back to school, and with many parents also working from home, security needs to be top of mind.

Many people don’t arm their alarm systems when they are at home and sometimes even leave the gates open.
According to Charnel Hattingh, Head of Marketing & Communications for Fidelity ADT, perimeter security is the first layer of defense. Homeowners need to ensure their gates are secure at all times and can’t be lifted off the rails. The entire perimeter of the property should be checked regularly for weaknesses.

Here are a few security tips to consider:

• Arm your alarm even if you are at home.
• Arm your alarm whenever you leave your home, even if it is for 30 minutes.
• Teach your children and domestic worker how to use your alarm system.
• Close windows and check all doors are locked.
• Secure your perimeter at all times.
• Activate outdoor detection.
• Lock all garden, leisure, and other equipment away when not in use.
• Be extra vigilant when leaving and arriving home. If you notice anything or anyone suspicious, don’t
turn into your driveway
• Never allow strangers onto your property, no matter what they say their business is. Ensure your
domestic staff knows this rule.
• Carry a remote panic at all times when you’re at home and equip your domestic staff with it as well.

Report anything suspicious to the SAPS or your security provider immediately.

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