Spoil your man. Grooming must-haves for men

Every day stress is taking a toll on all of us. So why not spoil the handsome hunk in your life with some grooming goodies he can use every day.

Up his scent game

A new fragrance is always a good idea. The key to choosing the perfect scent for the man in your life is to find the right balance between modern and classic: a fragrance that is fresh and on-trend, but one that he won’t grow tired of. Surprise him with one of Mercedes Benz’s men’s fragrances.

The perfect shave

Whether your man shaves, wears stubble, a beard or a moustache, he’s bound to need some shaving products to keep his facial hair (and skin!) healthy and soft. The Clubman 3-In-1 Trio (R399.95) contains everything a beardsman needs: a Beard Conditioner (combines a facial moisturizer and beard conditioner), Beard Balm (controls the beard without stiff paste or heavy wax) and Beard Oil (soothes dry skin, provides light shine and moisture).

For men who shave, a good quality shaving oil and aftershave gel is a good option. Shaving oils provide plenty of nourishment, plus, because they’re transparent on the skin, they make it easy to shape a beard or moustache. Try the Clubman’s Shave Oil (R159.95) and Clubman Pinaud No Bumps Gel (R209.95), which can be used as a post-shave lotion to help prevent razor bumps and irritated skin. If your man prefers a cream formula, he’ll love Cantu Men Smooth Shaving Cream (R97). It contains willow bark, caffeine, hemp seed oil and shea butter to prevent razor bumps, while tightening pores and moisturising skin.

Healthy skin
Most men tend to avoid fuss – especially when it comes to skincare. But that doesn’t mean he can skimp on his skincare regime. A good quality cleanser, day cream and night cream will ensure his skin stays healthy, and he looks his best. We recommend choosing a brand that offers plenty of nourishment in minimal steps. ZERO Face Wash (R299) is a truly 100% natural, vegan, plant-based cleanser that removes dirt and impurities from the skin without leaving it feeling dry or tight. Follow with ZERO Day Cream (R399) and Night Cream (R399) for hydrated, nourished and restored skin.

A bright smile
If the guy in your life loves his coffee, tea or red wine, spoil him with high-performance oral care products to ensure his smile doesn’t lose its sparkle. White Glo Toothpaste Coffee & Tea Drinkers Formula (R65.99) is an extra-strength whitening toothpaste formulated with micro-wax to prevent staining caused by coffee and tea consumption on your teeth enamel. To remove stains, we recommend White Glo Activated Charcoal Teeth Whitening Powder (R159.99).

Sweet mint-flavoured activated charcoal adsorbs superficial stains left on teeth by food, and beverages like tea, coffee, and wine. Complete your man’s oral care stash with a mouthwash that eliminates bacteria, plaque and germs while whitening teeth and freshening breath. You can also try the White Glo Charcoal Total Mouth Detox Mouthwash (R69.95).

A healthy head of hair

Whether your guy wears his hair short, long, messy or styled, he’ll appreciate hair care products to keep his hair soft and healthy.

For styling, Gatsby has a range of products available to help him get the desired look with ease. Gatsby British Layered Hard & Free Wax (R89.99) is ideal for short and medium length hair and helps create texture and movement. Gatsby Emo Tough Touch & Shine Wax (R89.99) gives you a hard setting with natural shine that is perfect for short or medium length hair. Gatsby Harajuka Volume Up Mat & Hard Wax (R89.99) is a waxy styling aid that helps your volume up to maximum effect. 

Looking for an all-in-one shampoo he can use as a body wash too? Cantu Men 3 In 1 Shampoo, Conditioner & Body Wash (R139.99) deeply nourishes skin and hair with a combination of hemp seed and tea tree oil, shea butter, and caffeine. Together they prevent flaking caused by dryness, and encourage hair growth and perk up skin, leaving it visibly nourished and moisturised. 

If you need from something with a little extra care, try Jamaican Mango & Lime Jamaican Black Castor Oil Original (R155), an all-purpose soothing oil that can be used on skin and hair alike. Made with grounded Jamaican castor bean and boiled to perfection, it softens and moisturises hair and skin leaving it nourished and treated.

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