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The benefits to using a soother

New parents have lots of questions. Not sure about getting a soother for your baby? Here's what you need to know about the Vital Baby Soothe Airflow Soothers.

As a new parent, there are many unanswered questions. Should my baby use a soother? When should I introduce a soother if I choose to use one? What if it causes confusion? Who do I speak to if my baby becomes too reliant on a soother?

There are many benefits to introducing a soother to your baby such as distracting and soothing a fussy and uncomfortable baby, assisting with lulling a baby to sleep, easing pain and discomfort during a flight and it may reduce the risk of SIDS. A soother may even lead to a shorter hospital stay for a preterm baby.

The Vital Baby Soothe Airflow Soothers consist of a range of soothers to help your baby when they (and you) need it most.

The Vital Baby symmetrical soother teats make the soother easier for babies to hold in their mouth while the 100% soft silicone is taste and odour-free and comfortable. The wide-open Airflow shield helps to protect your baby’s delicate cheeks against skin irritation and the simple safety ring folds neatly and inconspicuously against the soother. It comes with a microwave steriliser box for easy sterilising and storing. The soothers are also dishwasher safe. The Vital Baby Soothe Airflow Soothers are available in 0 – 6m and 6m – 18m sizes and in two different shades, R119.99.

About Vital Baby:
Through our many years of experience and asking the experts (that’s you!), Vital Baby has developed a range of exciting and innovative 100% BPA-free products that solve the everyday challenges that parents face.

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