Sunglasses are important, even in winter

Just because it's winter, it doesn't mean you shouldn't be protecting your eyes. Here's why you still need to wear sunglasses, even during the colder months.

“It is no longer just in the summer that we need to look after our eyes. Winter can cause dry, irritated eyes. When you are outside on a cold, windy day, sunglasses can protect your eyes from the effect that the cold air has,” says BondiBlu International’s marketing director, Johan van Greunen.

According to Johan, people forget that the sun still emits ultraviolet radiation that can damage the eye’s cornea, lens and other parts, including the skin of the eyelids.

“Sunglasses are not just a fashion accessory or made for cycling. It’s part of your every day existence. As you take your cellphone and keys when you go out of your house, your sunglasses must also go with you,” Johan adds.

With more dust particles in the air during the dry winter months, sunglasses protect the eye from unwanted particles in the eye. Eyes need just the right amount of light for good vision and long-term health. Too little light is just as bad as too much.

BondiBlu originated in South Africa in 1992 and today, BondiBlu International has rights in all the major countries such as the United States, Europe and Australasia. This brand is also sold in Namibia, Botswana, Mauritius and Australia.“We are also currently working with countries such as the United Kingdom, the Netherlands and New Zealand to expand and our goal is to spread BondiBlu worldwide,” Johan says.

BondiBlu International’s sunglasses range is available in 1 000 outlets in South Africa today. Find your favourite pair be it for adults or children, at DisChem, Sportsmans Warehouse, Arrie Nel Pharmacy, Wildman and other independent stores.

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