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Creamy, nutty Mushroom and Chicken

Add some comfort with this tasty creaminess

We are currently experiencing warmer weather, but winter is still not quite over, so let’s take this opportunity for a little bit of extra indulgence

Serves 2

30ml Coconut oil
60g Mixed nuts
300ml Almond milk or milk
250g White Button mushrooms or Portabellini – thickly sliced
30ml Almond flour or Cake flour
1 Onion – chopped
2 Garlic cloves – finely chopped
3 Chicken fillets – cut into strips
1 Can of coconut milk
3ml Paprika
60g Parmesan finely grated
45ml fresh Basil leaves – cut

350mg Spaghetti – cooked according to instructions on the packet

For garnishing:
Grated Parmesan cheese
15ml Basil leaves

Soak the nuts for at least 20minutes in the milk and then blend them in a food processor. Heat half of the oil in a large pan and saute the onions and garlic for 5minutes. Add the chicken strips and paprika and fry for another 5minutes. Remove the chicken mix from the pan and place it on the side. Increase the heat and fry the mushrooms for 4-5minutes. Add the flour stir for 2minutes. Reduce heat and add the milk-nut mixture, coconut milk, and parmesan cheese and cook for 3-4minutes. Now, add the chicken, cooked spaghetti, and basil leaves back into the pan and ensure it heats up evenly.

Serve in heated bowls and garnish with parmesan cheese and fresh basil leaves.

Recipe courtesy of The South African Mushroom Farmers’ association

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